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As usual, SABS meet along with the Association of Southeastern Biologists (ASB) at our annual meeting in Columbia, SC on April 20.  Several important announcements were made at the meeting.


Richard and Minnie Windler Award - A check for $500 was presented for the best systematics paper published within Castanea during 2006.
The winners were Matthew Sewell (New York Botanical Garden) and Michael Vincent (Miami University) for their article: Biosystematics of Phacelia ranunculacea Complex (Hydrophyllaceae). It was published in Castanea 71 (3): 192-209.
  George Johnson (SABS Editor) presents award to Matthew Sewell (right)

Earl Core Student Research Awards - Three awards were presented to assist students with their research projects.  Each student received a check for $300.
Fern Smallridge Perkins, Appalachian State University
     Student of Howard Neufeld
     Increased nitrogen deposition and the green algal lichen Umbilicaria mammulata: too much of a good thing?
Jay F. Bolin, Old Dominion University
Student of Lytton Musselman
     Evolution of Virginia quillworts: a morphological and molecular parentage study of several undescribed tetraploid (2n = 44) populations of Isoetes.
Gerald Bresowar, Appalachian State University
Student of Gary Walker
     Phylogeography of Sibbaldiopsis tridentata
Gerald Breswar (left), Fern Perkins (center), and Jay Bolin (right).

Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award- Presented for outstanding service to SABS and/or botany.
Angus K. Gholson, Jr. of Chattahoochee, Florida received the award for his research and service to botany of the Florida panhandle.  A detailed presentation of Dr. Gholson's accomplishments will be presented in the September 2007 issue of Castanea.
Conley McMullen presenting Bartholomew Award to Angus K. Gholson, Jr. (center)  Howie Neufeld (right, president)

Special awards
Dan Pittillo
, editor of the newsletter Chinquapin for the last 15 years, received a special plaque in recognition of his dedicated service.  Dan will retire as newsletter editor at the end of 2007.

  Dan Pittillo (left) receives award from Howie Neufeld

Michael Baranski, editor of Castanea, Occasional Papers #2, (papers from the Andre Michaux International Symposium) received a plaque for his dedicated work to get the issue together.

  Michael Baranki (left) received award from Charlie Williams


It was reported that the SABS Council voted to initiate electronic submissions of manuscripts for potential publication in our journal Castanea.  Over the next several months we will work with Allen Press to establish the new system.  The new procedures will be announced on the website and in Castanea.


Further, as a result of a vote during the Friday morning meeting, the membership voted to increase dues in the following categories and as follows:
   Individual - $35 ($10 increase)
   Student - $15 ($5 increase)
   Family - $50 ($10 increase)
   Library subscription - $65 ($15 increase)
Most of you will see these changes as the 2008 dues notices go out in the fall.


Member at Large to SABS Council - Al Schotz (Alabama Natural Heritage Program)
Member, Editorial Board of Castanea - Alan Weakley (North Carolina Botanic Garden)
President-elect - Conley K. McMullen (James Madison University)

The Constitution and bylaws amendment proposal passed.  This will result in a shift in editorial responsibility such that there will be the creation of the position of Editor-in-chief and four Subject Matter Editors.  Only the editor-in-chief will serve on the SABS Council.  Further, in order for the total number of council members to remain the same, there shall be the addition of one more member-at-large.  As a result, our first editor-in-chief will be George P. Johnson (Arkansas Tech University).  The four subject matter editors will be appointed soon by council.

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